William T. Powers

Pronunciation: 'fes(t)-"shrift

Etymology: German, from Fest celebration + Schrift writing
Date: 1898
: a volume of writings by different authors presented as a tribute or memorial, especially to a scholar

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The William T. Powers Festschrift is a contribution by persons influenced by the work of William T. Powers in honor of the 30th anniversary of the publication of Behavior: The Control of Perception. The contributions range  from personal tributes to thematic essays. They have come in from  all over the world and were put together on various local  versions of word processing programs. I have refrained from  editorial intervention, so that the style and format used by the  authors could be retained. There are still some inadequacies of presentation in a few of the contributions. I apologize  for any inconvenience this may cause, but it was impossible for  me to alleviate all of these problems at the last moment.  Corrections  are welcome and will be incorporated into the Festschrift for eventual final presence on the web.

Since the contributions  are only a mouse click away, it is unnecessary to comment on them  any further. However, I would like to offer a partof the "web site  story" as my contribution. The emergence of this project  began in Saint Louis at the 2000 CSG conference. Realizing the forthcoming anniversary of the publication of B:CP in 2003 and being aware of festschrifts as ways of recognizing such landmark events, I suggested the notion of a web-based festschrift forWilliam T. Powers. The suggestion met with immediate approval and was supported as energies allowed throughout the project. The organizational work, approaching contributors,  getting emails out to them, doing the amateur webdesign and construction and doing all those  "little" things that pave the way for a project like this, was done by myself. Fred Good, Dag Forssell, Rick Marken and, of course, Mary Powers and her daughters, Barbara and Allie, helped. Thanks to all who helped and all who contributed and who will contribute to this project in recognition of William T. Powers.

After the presentation of this webbased Festschrift, contributors arestill invited to submit additions to this project in honor of WilliamT. Powers' contribution to science.

Lloyd Klinedinst

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