At present the application of PCT to Religion is also at its early stages.  One exception is Lynndal Daniels’ blog on PCT and Buddhism, which links the Method of Levels, a psychotherapy that is a direct application of Perceptual […]


What students are saying about PCT

Perceptual Control Theory is taught at the University of Manchester as a component of the Psychology degree. In a student group research project, we have analysed the facilitaors and obstacles to learning PCT – click here for […]

Economics & Marketing

A Multilevel Systems Model of Leadership

Angelo J. KinickiKathryn J. L. JacobsonBenjamin M. GalvinGregory E. Prussia AbstractThis study uses a control theory to develop a multilevel systems model of leadership. The model outlines the processes that senior leaders can use to […]

MoL accreditation
Method of Levels

MOL accreditation

Background Since 2021, we have been working on the development of an accreditation procedure for Method of Levels practitioners. Our objective is to shape the procedure according to Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) principles and provide […]

Biology & Neuroscience

Perceptual basis of bimanual coordination

Franz Mechsner, Dirk Kerzel, Günther Knoblich & Wolfgang Prinz Mechsner, F., Kerzel, D., Knoblich, G. et al. Perceptual basis of bimanual coordination. Nature 414, 69–73 (2001).