The International Association for Perceptual Control Theory (IAPCT) is a nonprofit corporation organized to support research in Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) and the further development and use of the theory to integrate diverse fields and to inform a wide range of applications. To disseminate the results of such work, IAPCT promotes publishing, conferences, and other activities..

PCT provides a mathematical foundation, a common methodology, and an integrating framework for the sciences of life. It explains the observation that living things control perceptual variables that are important to them, and that their behavior resists environmental disturbances influencing those variables, a phenomenon called perceptual control. PCT models control mathematically as analog computation in a hierarchy of negative-feedback control systems in the brain. Simulations testing this model replicate behavior with greater than 95% accuracy and disclose the structure of a hierarchy of neural and chemical control systems in living subjects.

This is revolutionary, in that other theories of psychology assume that the brain controls behavioral activity, and can offer only statistical generalizations.

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