Supporting Organizations

Endorsing the IAPCT and Perceptual Control Theory (PCT)

We are pleased to showcase organizations that have indicated their support and endorsement of the International Association for Perceptual Control Theory (IAPCT) and Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). With professionalism and a commitment to excellence, these organizations have embraced the transformative power of PCT, recognizing its profound impact. Through their endorsement, these organizations demonstrate dedication to the advancement of PCT-related research, education, and practice, paving the way for collaborations and breakthroughs.

List of organizations displayed in random order

1. Distance Consulting LLC

Howard, OH, USA

Distance Consulting LLC is a small consulting firm headed by Fred Nickols that specializes in helping clients address and often solve the problems confronting them. These problems typically involve organizational, unit, team and individual performance, as well as interactions with customers and suppliers. PCT is an integral part of the mental frameworks Fred uses to define, analyze and understand these problems and to then formulate and execute solutions for them. Distance Consulting LLC’s website dedicates an entire section to PCT.

2. Mode Rehabilitation

North West & South Manchester, United Kingdom

Mode Rehabilitation are specialists in supporting the Armed Forces Community (AFC), Young People, families and carers, with psychological therapies and mental health (MH) care. We bridge the gap to statutory services. Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) has influenced our – single point of access practise and support offer. We offer immediate MH interventions, including Method of Levels therapy (MOL). PCT and MOL has provided opportunities to help other AFC organisations through our Resilience to Civilian Life programmes. We work across symptoms and diagnosis to reduce distress.
“The support MODE provide is invaluable. They are consistent, flexible, confidential, and professional.” Stockport School

3. Re:Mind

Buenos Aires City, Argentina

Re:Mind is a leading private mental health center specializing in Method of Levels (MOL) therapy and Discovery Talks for companies. Our center offers MOL therapy sessions, empowering individuals to navigate their challenges and achieve personal growth. We also train health professionals in MOL, leading the way in its dissemination across Latin America. Additionally, we regularly provide workshops and talks on MOL and Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) for public and private universities and mental health services. Following the highest standards in mental health, Re:Mind is dedicated to the dissemination and application of MOL and PCT, fostering the discovery of new perspectives.

4. Restore Control

Leeds, United Kingdom

Restore Control is a therapy service offering specialised support for mental health problems, both online and face-to-face. The approach at Restore Control is deeply influenced by the Perceptual Control Theory, enabling clients to actively participate in shaping their therapy experience, including booking appointments and selecting therapy content. By delving into the root causes of their struggles, particularly internal conflicts, clients embark on a journey to regain control over their lives. Our therapist utilises Method of Levels (MOL) therapy and other evidence-based approaches tailored to each client’s individual needs and preferences.