PCT Conversations

PCT conversations: small online group meetings to discuss topics related to PCT or from a PCT standpoint.

Join in to share your questions, ideas, research and experiences with PCT. This can include a broad range of topics related to the various aspects and themes. Colleagues from different backgrounds and levels of expertise are most welcome to discuss a wide variety of aspects related to Perceptual Control Theory. Eva de Hullu and Matias Salgado will be hosting the meeting.

The first topic to discuss will be our understanding of reorganization.

We’ll start the first meetings Thursday, February 2nd and 16th of February 2023. Time depends on your timezone, see below or in the IAPCT public calendar 2. Meetings will last an hour.

Buenos Aires10am
New York8am
Los Angeles5am

Post on the discourse forum about these conversations: http://discourse.iapct.org/t/pct-conversations/16006