Over the last decades, people interested in Perceptual Control Theory have been communicating through various means. The latest tool we have at our disposal is the IAPCT discourse forum. This forum contains public discussions about the theory and its applications. You are welcome to read and join the discussions.

To view the discussion forum go to http://discourse.iapct.org/.

About Discourse

Discourse is an online platform for productive civil discussion. It is used worldwide by many professional and scientific organizations.

This quick guide is a good place to start if you want to engage and open an account.

Or you can just plunge in and start exploring. In discourse, discussion is organized in categories, subcategories, and topics. A topic is analogous to an email thread; it can be as short as a single post, or it an include  any number of replies after the initial post. At the top level, when you first log in, the left-hand column lists the categories (with links to the subcategories under each), and the right-hand column shows links to the most recent posts in each category. Browse through the categories, subcategories, and topics.

If you feel lost, go to the top-level view of categories by clicking the small logo at the top left corner of every page. Usually, it looks like this: .

Go to the Discourse Resources topic for additional guidelines and other helpful information. Use your Sandbox to test your skills and fine-tune a topic before you post it. Introduce yourself by creating a new topic in the Member Introduction category. You may also get messages from a Discourse bot that offers tutorial lessons, and you can play along with it or not, as you please.

The categories and subcategories are established by the forum administrators, but the title of a topic is in your control (and it can be edited later). Finally, topics can be cross-categorized with tags. The system of tags, like the hierarchy of categories and subcategories, is going to evolve over time. You can make suggestions in the Discourse Resources/Site Feedback subcategory.

Forum manager Chung Mak  <chungkamak at gmail.com>