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  • by @Evadeh Eva
    hi all, You may have heard over e-mail, twitter or otherwise. The new volume of the PCT handbook has been published. Mansell, W., de Hullu, E., Huddy, V., & Scholte, T. (2023). The Interdisciplinary Handbook of Perceptual Control Theory Volume 2: Living in the Loop. Elsevier. Paperback ISBN: 9780323911658 for sale at Elsevier or through […]
  • by @wmansell Warren
    A wonderfully engaging, compassionate and highly intellectually stimulating obituary. Martin would be touched.
  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    Maurice Martin Taylor died in the afternoon of Friday 17 March 2023, after several months of terminal illness. His 87th birthday was nine months prior, on 14 June 2022. By temperament and by education Martin was well prepared for a creative career as a scientist. He was privileged in having exemplary forebears who employed their […]
  • by @MatSalgado
    Hi everybody, the next PCT Conversation is happening on Monday. We’ll be discussing all about: Higher level control: How do you experience control of programs, principles, system concepts in your daily life? It would be great if you could join us and share your thoughts. Here’s the new Zoom link for the event: – […]
  • by @rsmarken Richard Marken
    I put a revised version of my spreadsheet model of virtual control up at mu Dropbox site. The only change is that this spreadsheet lets you specify the location of the systems involved in the conflict. You enter their locations in the yellow cells labeled “CS1 Location” and “CS2 Location”. The locations are specified by […]