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  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    Ebrahimi, S., Lecoq, J., Rumyantsev, O. et al. Emergent reliability in sensory cortical coding and inter-area communication. Nature (2022). Emergent reliability in sensory cortical coding and inter-area communication | Nature Quick overview: Kristin Sainani, Ambitious Brain Recordings Create Unprecedented Portrait of Vision in Action Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence News: Neuro and Cognitive Science […]
  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    Nice! And the picture is so evocative—What are those girls experiencing? What would I be experiencing if I were doing that? They’re obviously doing it for the sake of the perceptions they experience, and their actions matter only insofar as they produce those experiences.
  • by @richardhpfau
    The latest posting. It’s getting a good response. Feel free to use it.
  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    EetuP: how is it possible to understand expressions which are longer than a word? Must there be a separate sequence-level perceptual function for every possible expressions – infinite amount of them? Must we create a new input function for every novel relationship of words that we read or hear? When logic leads into absurdity, look […]
  • by @MartinT Martin Taylor
    EetuP: Also the use of ordinary language produces novel relationships, like in a way also music and other arts. The most important signifying units of languages are sentences and still larger wholes like paragraphs, chapters and books – narratives in a word. A timely comment, as I am currently working on “narrative” and reorganization, and […]