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  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    Yes, Ted Cloak has been especially interested in ‘memes’ and memetic evolution. His study of the wheelwright’s craft is a lapidary piece.
  • by @wmansell Warren
    In this article: We drew the analogy between the genotype and the control system properties; and between the phenotype and the emergent behaviour in the environment during control (involving acting against disturbances). It is the phenotype that is selected by the environment but the genotypic code that is transmitted across generations. It is the […]
  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    That does sound plausible, Rick, I agree. (Sorry for the long delay.) Here are some excerpts from a grad student’s summary of a weird case that has come up here previously: Cordyceps fungus modifying neurochemical control structures in ants of a particular species. “Paraphrase: The parasite works to accomplish something. The host works to suppress […]
  • by @smithmarkl
    This page has been doing the rounds on some of the computer tech blogs and social media and I wanted to share it here. It’s a pretty deep technical dive into how E. coli chemotaxis works. The Baffling Intelligence of a Single Cell: The story of E. coli chemotaxis E. coli chemotaxis: the baffling […]
  • by @rsmarken Richard Marken
    bnhpct: There’s a lot of new understandings of epigenetic inheritance. Bill was reading a book about this when I stayed with him during the last Colorado conference. I have a copy at home, but I don’t remember the title. Google will turn up more recent stuff. There’s mention in at least one of these articles […]