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  • by @EetuP Eetu Pikkarainen
    Sorry to reply again to my own message but I forgot to add an important conclusion to it. In the spreadsheet there are two random variables in the columns A and B (called H and W). Then in the third column C there is an extra variable which is calculated from the first two variables […]
  • by @richardhpfau
    Just so no one gets confused, the William Powers mentioned in the above message under powers2009.pdf is not our PCTer William T. (Bill) Powers, but rather another person named William F. Powers.
  • by @EetuP Eetu Pikkarainen
    I still cannot access the Discourse web interface. The message below became malformed by Discourse so that in the end side the paragraph below was formed as a quotation even though it was written by me there: In the case of quadrangles, H and W affect both us much the area A (A = H […]
  • by @EetuP Eetu Pikkarainen
    Rick, RM: I’m sorry. On re-reading I realized that you were asking about mathematical dependence and, of course, there is such a dependence. Seems like you must be here thinking something else than me. With mathematical dependence relationship between two variables I mean a relationship where the value of the other, dependent, variable (say A) […]
  • by @bnhpct Bruce E. Nevin
    In November 2022, many Z-Library domain names were seized by the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation. One can still use the Tor, ITP, and other related networks. (More in Wikipedia under Z-Library.) SciHub and other sites have collections. Anna’s Archive (by ‘Anna Archivist’) openly flouts the legal challenge. Nexus has created […]