IAPCT conference

Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) is the science of purpose: how living things use their actions to produce intended results in an unpredictably changing environment. The technical term for this is control. PCT provides a unified and comprehensive theory and research methodology for the many sciences of life, including biology, ethology, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, and sociology, among others.

Each presenter’s field poses unique challenges in identifying and testing controlled perceptual variables, and unique opportunities for reconceptualizing observational and experimental methods and data of the field and doing truly pioneeering work. Every field presents challenges communicating with those who do not perceive the phenomenon of control, and opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and discovery that becomes possible with the life sciences all working on a common theoretical, mathematical, and methodological foundation. Session topics include neurophysiology, computer modeling, robotics, and applications of PCT in psychotherapy and in education.

Participants usually are from many different time zones extending from Holland across the United States to New Zealand.

In the last IAPCT board meetings we’ve decided to plan the next IAPCT conference Thursday to Saturday, 6-8 October 2022.

The conference will be based online and should include interactive small group meetings and discussions, with some that focus on specific topics of interest to participants.

We’ll send out a request for proposals for talks and other meeting types in February, with an expected deadline around June 2022.