Biology & Neuroscience

Perceptual basis of bimanual coordination

Franz Mechsner, Dirk Kerzel, Günther Knoblich & Wolfgang Prinz Mechsner, F., Kerzel, D., Knoblich, G. et al. Perceptual basis of bimanual coordination. Nature 414, 69–73 (2001).

Bill Powers

Modeling systems

William T. Powers (2009) We hear quite a lot about models such as weather models which can be used to predict what will happen in the next few days, or models of colliding galaxies which […]

Biology & Neuroscience

Basal Ganglia Outputs Map Instantaneous Position Coordinates during Behavior

Joseph W. Barter, Suellen Li, Tatyana Sukharnikova, Mark A. Rossi, Ryan A. Bartholomew, and Henry H. Yin (2015)

Biology & Neuroscience

Behavioral Variability in the Service of Constancy

Bell, Heather Christine Journal: International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 27(2)Permalink: 0889-3675Publication Date 2014DOI 10.46867/ijcp.2014.27.02.02 Copyright InformationCopyright 2014 by the author(s).This work is made available under the terms of a CreativeCommons Attribution License, available at […]

Method of Levels

Mental health: integration is the key to the revolution – The Lancet

Timothy A. Carey (2013) Article Link: Article Info Publication History Published: 26 October 2013 Identification DOI: Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. ScienceDirect Access this article on ScienceDirect